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Causes of communication cable and fiber failures

by:Carefiber      2020-03-24
In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of optical fiber coverage, more and more enterprises and households have access to high-speed optical fiber networks. However, with the continuous improvement of network quality, the stability and security of the physical fiber optic cable have also received more and more attention. Today, Finite will introduce the causes of several types of accidents that are common in the failure of fiber optic cables. The insulation of optical fiber cable is too poor If the fiber-optic cable line is not insulated when it is laid, the junction box is prone to water or moisture. In the past, it will cause stress corrosion and static fatigue of the line to greatly reduce the transmission strength of the cable, which will occur in severe cases. Optical fiber cable breaks. Lightning impact of fiber optic cable failure The internal components of the optical cable are metal conductors. If a short circuit occurs in the power line or a lightning strikes a metal part, a strong current will be generated to damage the optical cable line equipment. In serious cases, personal injury or death may occur. Line connector failure of fiber optic cable failure Faults are most likely to occur at line joints. This is because the fiber optic cable structure at the joints is no longer protective or has been significantly weakened. Therefore, the protection can only rely on the joint box, which leads to a large probability of failure. increase. Effects of forces other than fiber optic cable failure In many cases, line faults are caused by external forces. Because many communication fiber-optic cable lines are laid outdoors, the general buried standards are deep below the ground, so it is not possible to effectively avoid the damage of many external factors to the fiber-optic cable lines. Such as the excavation of optical cables during road construction. The above four categories are the more common types of communication optical cable failures at present, but please rest assured that the failure rate of communication optical fiber access optical cables is very low, but once we relax our daily maintenance and inspection, the failures will also randomly lurk even At a certain point in time, it has an impact on our daily office and the development of the company.
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