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Common connection methods of fiber jumper

by:Carefiber      2020-03-21
All my colleagues who have been engaged in factory manufacturing and production of optical fiber jumper products should know this very well. On-site grinding and factory manufacturing are two completely different ways that cannot be compared. The factory uses a special grinding machine from coarse to fine. In the grinding process, it is impossible to adjust the pressure and maintain consistent manual grinding on the spot. Fiber jumper connection Maybe in the past traditional low-speed networks, even if the insertion loss and return loss exceed the standard, the connection is unstable, etc., it may be acceptable for network applications, because the fiber is rich enough to absorb the impact of these factors. However, in today's increasingly high-performance networks, many indicators and parameters are extremely sensitive, because the links fail to meet the design requirements or take time and effort, leaving the designer or constructor in trouble and causing losses that exceed the network design. Occasionally, things like requirements, tests fail, etc. Optical fiber splicing is currently a commonly used connection method. Relatively speaking, splicing is a method with high success rate and connection quality, but it should also be noted that the spliced ??connector is more likely to be damaged or malfunction. One of the main factors is that during the use and maintenance process, the maintenance operation of the equipment is necessary, so its safety is an issue we must consider. Under normal circumstances, splicing can get a small connection loss, usually below 0.2dB, but the return loss is not easy to control. At the same time, during the splicing process of fiber optic jumpers, there are many external factors that affect the splicing quality. At present, there are not many multi-core ribbon optical fiber connectors such as MTP in China, and the ribbon fiber fusion splicer is even more unavoidable. The main purpose of the optical fiber connector is to achieve the connection of optical fiber. Optical fiber connectors have been widely used in optical fiber communication systems, and there are many types and different structures. But if you look closely, the basic structure of various types of fiber optic connectors is the same, that is, most fiber optic connectors generally use high-precision components (composed of two pins and a coupling tube with three parts) to achieve optical fiber Alignment.
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