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Fiber optic cable termination and testing

by:Carefiber      2020-03-22
Have a friend repeatedly discussed about the cable end and test? Communication and weak current are separated. Weak people often encounter communication projects. Today we will look at the cable end and test together. Fiber optic cable ends: 1. Reserve enough cables according to regulations or design requirements. The reserved optical cable is coiled on the reserved support of the terminal pole after the end. It is not allowed to put the machine on the roof or hang on the tower or terminal pole. 2. The optical cables in the equipment room should be protected and bound according to the design requirements. 3. The connector of the single-core soft optical fiber should be inserted into the optical distribution frame in the order of design requirements. The end of the interface of the optical distribution frame (distribution panel) that is not connected to the flexible optical fiber should be covered with a plastic dust cap. 4. The coil of the flexible optical fiber in the rack should be larger than the radius of curvature specified in its manual. 5. At the end of the optical fiber distribution frame (ODF), the fiber optic cable is used to lead the metal member out of the copper core PVC sheathed cable and connect it to the protective ground wire. 6. The direction and serial number of the soft fiber should be marked on the eye-catching part. Optical cable test: The conditions that the test should meet: the connector of the entire paragraph has been connected, the loss value of each connector has reached the target requirements, the fiber barrier point has been processed, and the end has been completed. ?Optical cable line average attenuation index: 1310nm not more than 0.36dB / Km 1550nm not more than 0.22dB / Km Engineering acceptance 1. After receiving the delivery notice and completion documents, the construction unit (owner) shall organize the branch construction department, maintenance department, supervision unit, construction unit, design unit, material supplier, etc. to conduct preliminary work within seven days in accordance with the spirit of the relevant documents. Check. 2. If the unqualified items are found during the initial inspection, the construction unit and the manufacturer shall immediately repair them until they pass the inspection, and re-inspection shall be carried out after re-inspection by the supervision unit. 3. The construction unit shall count the equipment, materials, and materials in accordance with the list of equipment, material accessories and design drawings, and transfer and return the materials. 4 According to the initial inspection, the acceptance team writes the initial inspection report and engineering conclusions, and copies them to the relevant units.
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