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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for lc fiber connector?
The total cost of lc fiber connector production includes raw materials, labor, and manufacturing overhead. The material cost is the main variable and traceable costs of a product. It varies from the production volume. The greater the proportion of material cost in total production cost, the more reliable is the cost estimate of the product, which will greatly help with the product pricing. The experienced manufacturer has well-developed production cost management system to wisely allocate their budget to raw materials, labor, and others, ensuring the reasonably or even competitively priced product.
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Over the past years, Carefiber Optical Technology Co.,Ltd. has become a professional company focusing on the production of fiber optic cables and we will continue to grow our business. The ftta series is widely praised by customers. Various machining methods are adopted in the production of Carefiber Optical Technologyfiber optic cable accessories. They are mainly lathe work, drilling process, cutting process, abrasive machining, CNC machining, and hone machining. The product is small in size and flexible to use. The product contains no skin irritants. Those substances that may cause reactions such as fragrance, dyes, alcohols, and parabens are totally removed. The product guarantees that subscribers enjoy high-quality transmission of video, voice, and data.
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