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OPGW Cable

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Quantity Needed:

Technical Date

Comply with IEC, IEEE, DL/T 832-2003, GB/T 7424.4-2003 standards

stranding direction of outer layer is right hand(Z-stranding)


15.50 mm


475 kg/km

SupportingCross Section

135.9 mm2

Section of AS Wire

22.64 mm2

Section of AA Wire

113.22 mm 2

Rate Tensile Strength (RTS)

60.7 kN

Modulus of Elasticity (E-Modulus)

81.2 kN/mm2

Thermal ElongationCoefficient

19.7x215;10-6 /

Permissible Maximum Working Stress (40% RTS)

178.7 N/m m2

EverydayStress(EDS) (18%~25% RTS)

80.4 ~111.7 N/mm 2

Ultimate Exceptional Stress (70% RTS)

312.8 N/mm 2

DC Resistance

0.272 /km

Short Time Current (0.25s,40~200)

25.1 kA

Short Time Current Capacity I2t

158.1 kA2S

Minimum Bending RadInstallation

310 mm


232 mm

Ratio between Pull and Weight

13.0 km

Installation Temperature

-10 ~ +50 

Transportationand Operation Temperature

-40  ~ +80 

Remarks: All Sizes and Values are Nominal Values

Packge Method

Multiple packaging options are available.

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